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Local Mexican Diplomacy Newsletter December 2021

- Information bulletin on the international activity of Mexican local governments carried out in December 2021.

Local Mexican Diplomacy Newsletter December 2021

Dear readers, the Local Diplomacy Studies Commission (CEDL) of the Mexican Center for International Relations (CEMERI) celebrates once again presenting the Mexican Local Diplomacy Bulletin corresponding to December 2021.

Throughout this last month, the local governments of Mexico maintained the rhythm of their international activity contrary to what one might think for the end of the year holidays. For example, the state government of Yucatan closed twelve months full of signing agreements, participation in international forums and in which, above all, the tour that its governor made to Europe stands out, and which is already bearing its first fruits, mainly in economic matters.

However, it is not the only government worth highlighting, since in the center and north of the country work has also been done on the internationalization of municipalities and states, highlighting Mexico City, Jalisco and Nuevo León, respectively. Another of the constants that remained throughout the year were issues related to security and migration in all border regions, where the state of Chihuahua stands out, collaborating first with authorities from El Paso, Texas, due to the proximity of your cities.

In general, the country's local governments showed more interest in participating in events or actions related to the environment, climate change, where the context of COP 26, gender, economic promotion, tourism and health stands out. These last two issues are still largely conditioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, which began more than two years ago. For example, the government of Nuevo León managed the vaccination of an important sector of its population in the United States.

Finally, the tourist efforts that have been carried out in the south of the country are highlighted. Yucatán and Quintana Roo are two states that have reactivated their migratory flow in the last month and, despite different difficulties, have reactivated different flights and cruises. They even stand out in environmental management and in their efforts to relate to organizations such as the UN and GIZ in order to improve and further the actions carried out in favor of the environment.

Without further ado for the moment, we hope that this document will be useful to you and fuel your interest in Mexican Local Diplomacy, as well as we appreciate the support given to its publication since its inception, a year ago.

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