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Local Mexican Diplomacy Newsletter February 2022

- Information bulletin on the international activity of Mexican local governments carried out in February 2022.

Local Mexican Diplomacy Newsletter February 2022

During the month of February, CEMERI began with the dynamics of carrying out professional internships by young university students. Faced with this new stage, the CEDL had the opportunity to integrate different people from various parts of the Mexican Republic, who joined the internal team of the Commission facilitating the work in some areas, but also presenting new challenges for all and all.

At CEDL, we are happy to integrate new people into the team, as we know that knowledge is built on the basis of dialogue, understanding, and new experiences, with which we hope that the readers of the newsletter will like the result of this new stage. . That said, it should be noted that in the area of Mexican Local Diplomacy, a meeting was held between the mayoress of Mexicali Norma Bustamante and the Consul General of China in Tijuana Yu Yue, with the aim of joining efforts to promote strategic projects economic and tourism development. With this and other actions mentioned in the bulletin, it is reflected that China continues to be an important partner at the local level in Mexico.

On the other hand, the United States continues with a notable participation in the same field, as reflected in the fact that various municipal agents that are part of the Hermosillo tourist police received two training sessions to better perform their work and the attention they provide to the general public. This training was given by the personnel of the North American Consulate in Hermosillo to the elements of the municipal corporation.

Without another particular to add for the moment, we leave you with the compilation of news about Mexican Local Diplomacy, while we thank you for sharing this information.

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