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Paulina Villegas

Tucker Carlson interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin: a holistic approach to the events of the Russia-Ukraine war

- Former Fox News host Carlson surprises the world with an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tucker Carlson interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin: a holistic approach to the events of the Russia-Ukraine war

Tucker Carlson, former Fox News host, surprises the world by announcing in a video broadcast on the X platform that he would conduct an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in an era where the media has become polarized, and Western outlets consistently omit the truth.

The main objective of this interview is to inform the population, especially Americans, about what is truly happening in terms of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and how it has reshaped the international order.

In the video, Carlson emphasizes the significant role played by the media, pointing out that the world is currently influenced by Western government propaganda. He highlights how the United States, in particular, has become embroiled in the war under a moral dilemma.

Furthermore, the host invites listeners to discover a holistic truth about the conflict, enabling them to evaluate and be part of the change independently, rather than being dictated by those in power.

This underscores that it is a media war where the media plays a crucial role in transmitting values and ideals.

How can one discern when constant polarization prevails?

Truth is relative, but it is undeniable that the presentation of facts and complete information allows individuals to form judgments or take sides in this controversial war.

Manipulation and censorship of information exacerbate existing polarization, asserts Tucker Carlson, who reveals that the present interview has been subjected to espionage by the Biden administration, seeking to terminate the act and leak the content to news outlets sharing the ideals defended by the United States.

This situation strongly resembles the definition of biopower¹, applied to mass control under the dilemma of discourse, control, and media censorship.

“Journalism as a Russian crime in the Putin era”

Various Western media outlets have analyzed the situation, criticizing Tucker Carlson's involvement, labeling him as a radical far-right journalist who, in recent years, has praised autocrats from Trump to Milei, demonstrating support for authoritarian decisions.

Carlson faced significant criticism for his claims that no Western journalist had attempted to interview the president of the other country in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, i.e., Vladimir Putin. In contrast, media outlets like CNN argue that attempts have been made, but President Vladimir Putin has refused access, except for Carlson, due to his far-right tendencies and a stance differing from most Western media.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Intelligence Service has deemed Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin a failure of Russian propaganda geopolitically. They see it as an operation aiming to influence and persuade Western countries, with the interview focusing more on Russia's history and portraying it as a victim of betrayals by Europe and the United States.

There is concern that this collaboration may show Putin as approachable and willing to work with Americans on Russian soil, suggesting a free country. However, it raises doubts about the fact that thousands of American and Russian journalists have been imprisoned for reporting the reality of the conflict with a pro-Western bias.

Whether fact or opinion, it is undeniable that Putin sees in Carlson an opportunity to spread his propaganda in the Western world. Carlson is expected to act as a medium to promote pro-Russian ideals regarding the war within the United States.


    ¹El filósofo francés Michel Foucault, define al biopoder, como la práctica por parte de los Estados de explotar numerosos y diversas técnicas para subyugar y poder controlar a la población.

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