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Mariana Danae Pérez Becerra

Local Mexican Diplomacy Newsletter March 2021

- Information bulletin on the international activity of Mexican local governments carried out in March 2021.

Local Mexican Diplomacy Newsletter March 2021

The Local Diplomacy Studies Commission (CEDL) of the Mexican Center for International Relations (CEMERI) kindly presents the bulletin of international actions carried out by local governments of Mexico during the month of March 2021. In this work, as in the previous ones, you will be able to find a compilation of the actions that may fit within the concept of Local Diplomacy, carried out carried out by Mexican States and Municipalities.

This month, an increase in international actions was observed, led above all by the states of Jalisco, the State of Mexico, Morelos, Baja California and Quintana Roo. We can comment that in the Northwest region, the governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral, held a videoconference with the Canadian Ambassador to Mexico, Graeme C. Clark, in which issues of mutual interest were discussed, such as Chihuahua's response to the pandemic COVID-19 and Canadian cooperation with communities in the state, as well as international education opportunities; In the Northeast region, the General Directorate of Business Management of the Coahuila Ministry of Economy (SEC) met virtually with members of Microsoft to contribute to the development and promotion of companies in Coahuila through the PYMES Digital program.

In the Western region, it stands out that through the Cities of the Future program of the Prosperity Fund, Jalisco and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Mexico carried out the forum "Mobility and Women: Policies for inclusion in the AMG", in order to to promote the implementation of equitable mobility policies in favor of women in vulnerable conditions who live in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara; and in the eastern region, the municipality of Pachuca began talks with the United Nations Organization (UN) to work on issues of prevention and care of gender violence with the aim of having an agreement to carry out joint actions in maternal health, sexual health, youth, prevention and attention to gender violence; and population dynamics.

Regarding the Central North region, we can point out that the governor of Aguascalientes, Martín Orozco Sandoval, met with the members of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in the country, made up of the Ambassadors of the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya and headed by Mohamed Saadat, Ambassador of the Special Delegation of Palestine, to whom he presented the qualities and commercial skills at the national and global level of Aguascalientes with the aim of strengthening diplomatic ties; In the Central South region, it is worth mentioning that Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government of Mexico City, was nominated to obtain the Mayor of the World 2021 recognition by The City Majors Foundation organization. This year, the recognition seeks to reward the best governor for his leadership and management of the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

Regarding the Southwest region, special mention should be made that His Excellency the French Ambassador to Mexico, Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian, had a face-to-face meeting with the Governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat Hinojosa; At this meeting, conversations were held about the boost that both entities can provide each other in areas of social and economic development. And regarding the Southeast region, it should be noted that the government of the Benito Juárez municipality, in Cancun, Quintana Roo, began cooperation ties with the Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy, as an opportunity for investment and development, especially in tourism. and economic, although areas of interest such as the agri-food sector, shipbuilding, culture, fashion, education, health and construction were also identified.

On the other hand, a difficulty encountered during the preparation of this bulletin was the closure of various official communication pages, especially at the municipal level, due to the electoral ban imposed by the National Electoral Institute (INE) derived from the upcoming elections in Mexico. However, the editorial team was able to find other sources of information to satisfactorily complete the work.

We hope this information is of interest to you, and we appreciate the attention given and support given to this project.

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